Since, we all must live somewhere, and, most of us, differ, in various ways, doesn’t it make sense, to seriously consider, and identify, your personal (and family) housing needs, in a thorough, well – considered manner? There are many things to seriously ponder, in order to proceed, and act wisely, instead of impulsively, and/ or, simply, emotionally! Before deciding to purchase, consider all the options, and choices, and whether, home ownership, is best, for you. Since, for most of us, the value of our house, represents our single – biggest, financial asset, shouldn’t you, make every effort, to know, as much as possible, and act wisely, and in a smart way? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 7 things, to thoroughly, understand, and consider.

1. Rent, versus owning a house: Should you rent, or is owning, your better direction? How secure does your job security, seem, to you? Have you saved, significant financial resources/ funds, which are needed, and necessary, for home ownership, and buying? Will you be happy, with the responsibilities, as well as benefits, of owning, a home, of your own? Calculate the net costs of owning, versus renting, the opportunity costs of existing money/ resources, etc, and make the best decision, for you!

2. Style of house: Before deciding on a future house, to purchase, it is wise to know, differentiate, and understand, between the various styles of houses! Each style has certain differences, advantages and disadvantages, and, you must know, whether a Colonial, Ranch, Expanded Ranch, Split – Level, Splanch, etc, serves you, best!

3. Number, and size of rooms: How many rooms do you want, and how many, do you really need? How many bedrooms are needed? What size, are you looking for, and why?

4. Property: Is a larger property, for you, or would you be happier, with a smaller one? Obviously, some of the benefits of the larger, include, privacy, and possible uses, while, a smaller one, means less maintenance and related expenses.

5. Education: Find out, how your local public schools are related, and realize, quality and desirability of schools, often, directly relate with getting a better selling price, when you decide to sell. It also translates to, higher prices, when you buy! However, if you have a family, don’t they deserve the best?

6. Safety: The safer the area, the more desirable, the real estate!

7. Convenience: Consider all conveniences, such as access to transportation, shopping, Houses of Worship, commuting, etc.

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